Caromar LLC is a full-range product development and marketing firm.

Our focus: create new accessories and products that improve upon existing user product experiences.  Our product development process and product improvements arise from direct personal user experiences, the best form of market research.

Who We Are

Caromar LLC designs, develops & manufactures accessories for a growing range of products & systems.  Our accessories and product enhancements derive directly from the personal user experiences of our management team and independent third parties.  When our accessory designs sufficiently improve our personal satisfaction with existing solutions we evaluate the likely benefits to other potential users and the overall contribution of our solutions to the marketplace.   If we determine our value contribution to the user experience is great enough and the market size large enough we will consider taking the product to market.

Caromar LLC sells and delivers its products to the trade only.  We do not sell or ship directly to end users.

Caromar LLC is a limited liability corporation licensed by the State of Oregon.  We are located in Corvallis, Oregon, the heart of the Willamette Valley.  You can contact us at or by filling out the form here.


Customer Care

Caromar LLC is all about product improvement, enhancement and customer satisfaction.  With that in mind, we simply take care of our customers.  We work with our customers to ensure they are fully satisfied with the use of our products.  Customer feedback and input also enable us to continuously improve our accessories and complementary products.   Contact us at; you will be delighted with our customer care.

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